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Power Raking Services and Lawn Dethatching in Damascus

Lawn Dethatch ServiceAs time goes on, your lawn will build up a layer of dead grass between the soil and grass. Normally, this layer of thatch serves to hold moisture in the soil and it supplies necessary nutrients to your lawn so it remains lush. However, if this layer builds up too much, it can block out your lawn, killing the grass. Symptoms of this include slow growth of your grass, and patches that are nearly dead among others. Power raking or dethatching your turf is one of the most effective ways to ensure your lawn will flourish. Our professionals provide power raking and lawn dethatching services in Damascus, OR to residential and commercial clients with lawns of all sizes, both big and small. To learn more or schedule a dethatch or power rake service, request a quote or call today at (877) 728-8897 to be connected with a qualified provider in your area.

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Open up your lawn after the long winter with a power raking or lawn dethatching service. Our commercial and residential Damascus lawn dethatching professionals are here to help. Give us a call today or request a quote for quality lawn dethatching in Damascus, OR!

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